Chocolate’s Brain Boost

Chocolate's Brain Boost

                 Of all the tips and tricks to boost your cognitive skills, this quick fix may be the best one yet:  eating chocolate!

                We can thank researchers at the University of Nottingham for bringing this biohack to our attention.  Right when you need it the most, a key ingredient in chocolate boosts blood flow to areas of the brain that can lift your cognitive power for up to three hours.

Cocoa’s Quick Brain Boost

                The flavanols in cocoa dilate blood vessels in the brain, bringing uplifting oxygen to brain tissue.   When fatigued, increased gray matter flow in brain areas influencing cognition significantly impacts cognitive function.

                The study illustrated chocolate’s brain-boosting potential by having participants drink cocoa beverages. MRI scans were tracked for three hours afterward.This single drink was enough to make a significant difference in cognition!

                Cocoa, a flavanol found in chocolate, suggests opting for varieties with high cocoa content for optimal benefits. Flavanols, studied for brain enhancement, exist in various forms such as blueberries, green tea, and certain wines.

                People likely favored chocolate as a nootropic since its discovery, making it a perennial favorite in cognitive enhancement. The study solely examined cocoa’s flavanol potential. However, its Theobromine content offers notable nootropic benefits.Our 1-2-GO offers a cognitive power boost with Theobromine, caffeine, and L-Theanine. It’s a natural blend enhancing focus.

                If you find yourself without our most popular pick-me-up, try reaching for that chocolate when you’ve got to perform your best!

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