Hack Old Age One Step at a Time

Hack Old Age One Step at a Time

            We’re always talking about how to hack areas of our health for certain results, and longevity is always an area of focus for biohackers. New and novel supplements are coming out regularly which look promising for keeping cellular health in top condition, mitigating damage to cellular DNA, and even helping chromosomes last longer in the body’s cells. Hack Old Age One Step at a Time” is more than just a slogan—it’s a philosophy for embracing small changes that can lead to big improvements.

            Research coming from the European Society of Cardiology studied the results of over seven thousand Korean senior adults who took health screening questionnaires. On average, people who took the survey were aged 87 with a little over half of the participants being women. The researchers divided the results into groups based on time spent walking, with a focus on slow walking rather than brisk walking. Then the results were divided into adults who did moderately intense or vigorous workouts.

Hack Old Age One Step at a Time

          57.5% of participants didn’t engage in any slow walking, while 8.5% walked slowly for less than an hour weekly. Two or more hours spent walking accounted for 12%, and 13.3% walked over three hours weekly. For optimal health, adults need 150 minutes of physical activity weekly, including walking, according to current recommendations for all ages. Less than 8% of the participants in this study were getting the minimum recommended amount of activity.

          About 33% of the seniors who were walking also took part in either moderate or intense exercise. Some seniors were engaging in moderately intense exercise (14.7%) and 10.9% were doing vigorous exercise. An hour of weekly walking reduces mortality and cardiovascular risks by 40%, as revealed in a five-year study on seniors.

        Increasing lifespan could be attainable with as little as 10 minutes of walking every day of the week. Exercise gets tougher with age, but striving for moderate intensity workouts pays off, as evidenced by active seniors. Just an hour weekly can boost longevity after 85, proving that even small efforts yield significant benefits with age.

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