Noo-tropics Review: The “Smart” Energy Bar

Energy bars can feel like a godsend when you’re running on fumes, but let’s face it: most energy bars suck. Noo-tropics truly feels like a godsend compared to your run-of-the-mill candy-bar-disguised-as-an-energy-bar affair, thanks to this clean, green, caffeine-free energy bar’s mix of healthy, complex carbs and cholinergic nootropic brain support. While you typically should only have an energy bar on an as-needed basis, Noo-tropics seems genuinely healthy and nutritional enough to recommend as a daily supplement, which is great: it’s rare that you get to eat something that tastes this good everyday and for it to actually be good for you. If you’re not sure which flavor to get, I recommend starting out with Noo-tropics taster pack.

About Noo-tropics Energy Bars

  • Noo-tropics is a nootropic-infused energy bar (or, rather, bars) designed to fuel both body and brain performance.
  • Noo-tropics comes in four delicious flavors: Apple + Cinnamon, Maple + Pecan, Raisin + Almond, and Salted Caramel.
  • Unlike other bars, Noo-tropics doesn’t just work as an “as needed” supply of energy but rather as a daily supplement for nourishing brain health.
  • Noo-tropics also benefits “second brain” (gut) health with prebiotic fibers that feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Noo-tropics Ingredients

Apple + Cinnamon

Energy Bar

Maple + Pecan

Energy Bar

Raisin + Almond

Noo-tropics Review

Salted Caramel

Noo-tropics Review

There are a lot of moving parts in an energy bar, but for the sake of this review, let’s only focus on the parts that move mental and physical performance here. Here’s a breakdown of all the most important ingredients found in a Noo-tropics bar, regardless of flavor.

Noo-tropics Review: Ingredients

Norwegian Black Oats:

What primarily distinguishes good energy bars from bad ones is their choice of carbohydrate. Noo-tropics smartly chooses Norwegian black oats, which are a healthy source of complex carbohydrates and brain-nourishing essential fatty acids. Also, apart from the nootropic angle, oats are great for appetite control — meaning these Norwegian black oats will leave you feeling satisfied after eating a Noo-tropics bar.

DHA Omega 3:

Speaking of essential fatty acids, DHA comprises 20% of the total fatty acid composition of the brain, making DHA consumption a non-negotiable when it comes to healthy cognitive function and development. DHA levels correlate with many brain health factors, such as synaptic plasticity, neuroinflammation, membrane integrity, and brain cell membrane organization. Most impressively, Noo-tropics sources most of its omega DHA from algae as opposed to fish-sourced DHA, so you’re getting cleaner and greener DHA with this energy bar.


One of my favorite nootropics, phosphatidylserine is a key building block phospholipid for brain cell membranes. With PS most concentrated in the brain, supplementing PS may significantly enhance cognitive function while supporting overall brain structure and health. More on Phosphatidylserine.

NutriGenesis Choline:

One of the best ways to improve your overall health and performance is to get more muscle-enhancing, brain-boosting choline in your diet. As a precursor to acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter associated with high-order cognitive function, dietary choline is essential (and particularly effective when paired with phosphatidylserine + omega-3) at supporting and sustaining competitive cognitive function. More on Choline.

NutriGenesis Vitamins & Minerals:

Vitamin Bs, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Magnesium — these are great micronutrients for optimal brain health and performance, as well as general metabolic function, immunity, and athletic performance. While you’re not getting a complete multivitamin stack of micronutrients here, Noo-tropics uses NutriGenesis® vitamins and minerals, which are cleaner and more bioavailable than standard supplement forms of these micronutrients.

Prebiotic Fiber:

In addition to brain health support, Noo-tropics also supports “second brain” (gut) health with the prebiotic fibers found in chicory root, a natural source of the plant carbohydrate inulin, which basically feeds the good bacteria in your gut microbiome.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been taking virtually all of the same nootropics daily for the past who knows how many years. (10? 12? 20??) And so given that Noo-tropics nootropics are mostly for long-term brain health support more so than acute cognition enhancement, it’s difficult for me to ascribe any brain boosts to these energy bars.

All the same, as far as energy bars go, these are pretty much exactly what a nootropic nerd could hope for. Especially if, at minimum, you’re simply looking for clean carb energy — and Noo-tropics delivers this and then some.

I know CLIF Bars (perhaps rightfully) get a bad rap for essentially being over-hyped candy bars, but I can’t help but love them… because I love candy bars. But even so, I still want healthy energy when I’m looking at energy bars, and Noo-tropics feels like the answer to my calling.


Here are all the benefits I’ve noted with my experience with Noo-tropics:

  • Fast-Acting Energy Boost
  • Light but Filling
  • Satisfies Appetite
  • No Side Effects
  • Tastes Great, Feels Great

And Noo-tropics feels great in such a way that I felt like I should eat one of these daily (as I have been lately) instead of just on an as-needed basis for the nutritional benefits, as well as the performance advantages that comes with consuming clean, complex carbs.

Obviously, if you’re trying to exercise on an empty stomach or doing some intermittent fasting keto thing, the carbs here are a no-deal. But we don’t really have to get into that right now, do we? If you’re looking at energy bars, odds are you’re factoring in carbohydrates …which are good for you, you need them!

All in all, Noo-tropics isn’t necessarily the one-and-done nootropic supplement you should be taking for all your cognitive needs, but it is an excellent, innovative nootropic-infused energy bar, as well as an excellent energy bar in general — nootropics aside. Definitely a smart addition, if you’re looking for a source of smart carbs to fuel your workouts, hiking, mid-morning/-afternoon endurance, etc. etc.

The Pros

  • Noo-tropics is the first “smart” energy bar of its kind, delivering brain-nourishing fatty acids and cholinergics with healthy, complex carbs.
  • Thankfully, Noo-tropics is stimulant-free, as there are already enough caffeinated energy bars and chocolate bars at every gas station. (Though, admittedly, I do love them.)
  • All of Noo-tropics ’s flavors taste great. Personally, I’m a fan of Maple + Pecan, although Salted Caramel is a close second.

The Cons

  • Not a complete nootropic supplement, more so just a healthy energy bar with a few key nootropics for long-term brain support.

Who Takes Noo-tropics?

Anyone who likes to snack and/or relies on energy bars for their workout, hiking, high-intensity activity, etc. fuel. Plus, Noo-tropics’s plant-based ingredient profile is vegan-friendly, so virtually anyone can get into Noo-tropics.

Conclusion: Does Noo-tropics Work?

Yes, Noo-tropics works. While you’re not exactly getting a full-blown nootropic supplement stack here, you are getting a nootropic-enhanced energy bar that not only tastes great but delivers fast-acting energy for both mental and physical performance.

Now that seemingly everyone recognizes that most “energy bars” are nothing more than glorified candy bars, the phrase “energy bar” has almost gone the way of “energy drink” in terms of having negative association — even though, like the energy drink, everyone is eager to jump on a healthy energy bar anytime they announce themselves.

Noo-tropics is a great healthy energy bar to keep on hand for on-the-spot performance fuel and long-term cognitive health and performance.

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