MicroZinc: A Novel And Highly Bioavailable Zinc Supplement

MicroZinc: A Novel And Highly Bioavailable Zinc Supplement


Welcome to the second part of our sucrosomial minerals blog! In the previous installment about sucrosomial minerals, we talked about the incredibly important mineral magnesium! Magnesium plays a role in hundreds of processes throughout the body, and due to this, it is very important to maintain adequate magnesium levels in the body but it is not the only important mineral in our bodies. Zinc is another mineral that plays a role in a large variety of bodily processes. Zinc helps regulate our immune system, regulate sleep, and it controls aspects of our mood and even appears to play a very crucial role in memory processing. Just like magnesium, zinc is another mineral of which it is hard to get enough through diet alone. This is especially true for athletes that sweat a lot as zinc is lost at a high rate through our sweat.


Similar to magnesium, zinc is not the most bioavailable mineral right out of the gate, making it hard to obtain full zinc benefits. It doesn’t face as many of the same bioavailability issues as magnesium, however, it still greatly benefits from bioavailability enhancement technology. There are various forms of highly bioavailable zinc out there, but solely carries sucrosomial zinc. For good reason too, because sucrosomial zinc is the best and purest way to supplement with zinc and appears to provide the most consistent zinc benefits. The sucrosomial technology allows the zinc to pass through cells and may even allow the zinc to make it into the brain more readily, which is where zinc benefits are often times needed the most.


Sucrosomial zinc has been shown to be 80% more bioavailable than zinc gluconate which is one of the most commonly used zinc supplements. That’s quite a steep rise in bioavailability! Better yet, a sucrosomial zinc supplement can be taken alongside other minerals, which is another benefit of the sucrosomial technology. Minerals tend to compete with each others uptake, as they often times use the same transporters to make it inside of the body and into our cells. In fact, both zinc and magnesium use the same transporters and thus compete for absorption. This would make taking a zinc supplement and a magnesium supplement at the same time a bit pointless as they would both get in the way of each others absorption. However, sucrosomial minerals do not use the same transporters as regular minerals do, which opens up the possibility to concurrently take a magnesium and zinc supplement at the same time! In our opinion, this is one of the main benefits of sucrosomial minerals over other high bioavailability minerals.

“Sucrosomial zinc has been shown to be 80% more bioavailable than zinc gluconate which is one of the most commonly used zinc supplements…”


✔ Maximum Absorption And Bioavailability
✔ High Concentration Of Zinc
✔ Does Not Interfere With The Absorption Of Other Minerals
✔ High Tolerability

Similar to sucrosomial magnesium, pretty much anyone can benefit from a little bit of extra zinc! In fact, taking a sucrosomial zinc supplement alongside a sucrosomial magnesium supplement would be a great idea for those who would like to ensure they are not running into any mineral deficiencies as zinc and magnesium deficiencies are quite common.

Besides providing a great source of extra zinc, a sucrosomial zinc supplement has some other great zinc benefits. These zinc benefits include:

    • May help improve skin quality
    • May help support immune function
    • May help promote a positive mood
    • May help promote cognitive function
    • May help support sleep quality

As can be seen from the above zinc benefits, taking a sucrosomial zinc supplement would make for a very versatile and comprehensive supplement.

How To Utilize Sucrosomial Zinc Benefits

A sucrosomial zinc supplement can be taken at various times throughout the day, however, the most popular options are either first thing in the morning or half an hour before bed.

MicroZinc For Immune Health

When taken first thing in the morning, a sucrosomial zinc supplement may help boost immune function and slightly elevate our energy levels. Due to this effect, we have chosen to incorporate sucrosomial zinc into our immune boosting supplement Immune Defense. Immune defense contains a wide variety of immune boosting extracts and sucrosomial zinc really helped tie the whole formula together. Taken as a stand alone zinc supplement, our sucrosomial zinc also does a great job at fortifying our immune system!

MicroZinc For Exercise Recovery

Besides taking a sucrosomial zinc supplement in the morning or at night, it can also be utilized more sparingly. For example, if you go for a long run or have an intense workout where you sweat a lot, supplementing with zinc could help speed up your recovery. This is because a large portion of zinc is lost through our sweat. By taking a zinc supplement after and/or before a workout we can help maintain and boost our bodies zinc stores.


Sucrosomial zinc is a very versatile zinc supplement and thus it can easily be incorporated into a variety of supplement stacks. With this in mind, we thought we’d provide three simple ideas for small zinc stacks that will help enhance zinc benefits!

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