BHB Salts – How Do They Help with Ketosis?

BHB Salts – How Do They Help with Ketosis?

Ever heard of BHB salts and how they help with ketosis?

Today is your lucky day, as this will be the topic of today’s blog post. Read on to find out more about it!

What is a ‘BHB Salt’?

BHB Salts

A BHB salt is a compound made of Potassium (K+), ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate and Sodium (Na+).

Eggs and milk contain BHB salts which are joined by ionic bonds.

For instance, if you took some tea with milk for breakfast, upon digestion, the salts will separate in blood, therefore, increasing the levels of ketones in your blood.

BHB salts raise the level of ketones in your blood, which means that you have an extra source of energy for any activity you may be involved in when you take them as supplements in your diet.

It is an exogenous ketone. It is a very effective since it is efficiently used up by the body or oxidized to acetoacetate before being utilized.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a state where your body sources its energy from ketones in the blood as compared to glycolysis where glucose in the blood is the source of energy.

How Do BHB Salts Help With Ketosis?

BHB Salts

Taking supplemental BHB salts can induce nutritional ketosis. Nutritional ketosis comes as a result of being on a ketogenic diet.

This means that when you continually take in BHB salts ketone supplements in your diet, nutritional ketosis will result. This state turns you to a fat burner from a sugar burner.

A decrease in the pH levels in the blood will trigger the brain’s respiratory center to get rid of excess acid through breathing to eradicate of ketones faster.

BHB salts cause a reduction of blood glucose levels to a stable amount and an increase in the concentration of ketone bodies in blood serum concentrations.

Benefits of BHB Salts:

  • Blood sugar balance and fitness – Once you consume BHB salts, a release of ketones in your bloodstream will lead to an improvement in insulin sensitivity, normal levels of sugar in the blood, and you will notice that you will crave less for food.
  • Athletic performance – Athletes on the track also experience improved performance with increased ketone levels. They also improve the flow of blood through enhancing the role of mitochondria and expand blood vessels which improves the amount of oxygen, resulting to better performance.
  • Cancer – Intake of ketones lead to a reduction of carbohydrate intake which result to lower levels of insulin and IGF-1. BHB salts can also help in the reduction of signals that stimulate them to divide and grow.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Treatment of migraines
  • Stabilization of moods in type II bipolar disorder
  • Prevention of stroke and heart complications
  • Enhances endurance

Possible Side Effects

  • •Imbalance in electrolyte levels, which leads to frequent urination.
  • Bad breath
  • A large dose of BHB salts will result in flatulence.
  • A significant reduction in the level of blood glucose. This should worry you since ketones are acting as the source of fuel for the brain.


BHB salts are literally shifting the supplement industry. Nevertheless, these are proven to be effective to deliver the promised results.

Have you tried BHB salts? If yes, let us know your experience with it in the comments below.

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