Noopept Review: Side Effects, Dosage and Beginner’s Guide

Noopept Review: Side Effects, Dosage and Beginner’s Guide

Okay, first thing’s first. Noopept is one of my favorite nootropics, hands down. Sure, it doesn’t have the same reliable kick as caffeine or long-term focus effect as Modafinil. But it’s incredibly cheap given the small dose needed to get the maximum effects. That and its effects are quite lovely. Before I dive into each one, let’s take a step back and see how this wonderful little nootropic powder came into existence…

What is Noopept? (A Short History)

Noopept, a nootropic supplement, originates from Russia. It promotes as a smart drug and cognitive enhancer. It is derived from the racetam family of drugs and shares similar mechanisms of action.

Piracetam was the first nootropic discovered way back in 1964 (yes, exactly the year when Muhammad Ali became the world heavyweight champion) and it is one of the biggest selling nootropics even after 50 years.

Okay, so why Noopept and not Piracetam?

Well, first off, Noopept is 100 to 1000 times more potent than Piracetam (for equivalent doses). Another reason is that Noopept is a smart drug and a more recent and thoroughly researched version of older nootropics for better memory (such as Piracetam).

Studies have shown Noopept to be neuroprotective and memory-enhancing in various tests. Independent verifications confirm it as the purest nootropic in Europe.

Unusually for a peptide-derived compound, Noopept displays both high oral bioavailability and good blood–brain barrier penetration in rats and human. Studies have shown promising results with potential application in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Noopept also helps grow new brain cells. How awesome is that?

It stimulates NGF and BDNF expression in the rat hippocampus, reducing and preventing neuronal degeneration.

The release of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) helps keep our neurons healthy and alive, as well as strengthening the growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses.

Another cool thing Noopept does is, it stimulates the AMPA and NMDA receptors and their pathways. Both of these receptors are glutamatergic receptors which play roles in memory and thought processes. This is why it is ideal for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.

This little nootropic doesn’t stop there, it actually lowers anxiety by interacting with Dopamine receptors D2 and D3 as well as nicotinic ACh receptors.

Not only that but Noopept also has both an anti-inflammatory benefit as well as antioxidant properties.

How Noopept Works

Improved Learning and Memory Recall

Noopept energizes the neurotransmitters in the brain, and enables better communication within the neural network.

To be more specific, Noopept boosts Acetylcholine, which is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain influencing both the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

This in turn, sends signals to the important neurons in the brain and ultimately improves reasoning, recalling, and problem-solving skills.

Improves brain health

Just like Vitamin E is for your skin, Noopept serves as a powerful antioxidant for your brain.

Its neuroprotective properties help protect your brain cells from physical damage, and helps you to focus harder for longer durations. By keeping your brain cells protected, it helps improve your overall brain health.

To improve learning?

Noopept boosts Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Nerve Growth Factor (BDNF) that are responsible for the survival and maintenance of existing neurons and growth of new neurons and synapses.

This takes place in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus – the most important areas in the brain responsible for learning and thinking. Ultimately, this results in quick learning and thinking in the user.

Noopept, considered the best nootropic around by many users, is also a powerful cognitive enhancement drug. If you are to believe the researchers, 99% of the people in the world are either right or left brain thinkers.

But, the good thing is, the active ingredients in Noopept helps improve the communication between the left and the right brain hemispheres, which ultimately results in the synthesis of new ideas, quicker information processing, and less metal fatigue.

Determining the legality of nootropic drugs can be a complicated process. Many nootropics fall under a gray area where legality is concerned.

Some drugs that have not been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) here in the US are still sold online as “research chemicals.”

Vendors can sell them to the public by stating they are for scientific studies, bypassing regulations on unapproved drugs.

In Russia–where Noopept was first introduced–it is legally prescribed to treat cognitive issues such as the abovementioned Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders.

Do You Need A Prescription?

In the US, on the other hand, Noopept is what we call an unregulated drug. In other words, the FDA has not approved it as a viable prescription medication.

Consequently, you will not find a doctor to write a script for it and you won’t find it on the shelf at your neighborhood CVS Health.

If you live in the UK (United Kingdom), you’re in luck! Noopept is considered a prescription medication in much of Europe.

Folks are also allowed to possess small amounts of Noopept for “personal use.” Kind of like the laws placed on hashish in Amsterdam.

For all you crazy Canooks out there, you’ll be happy to know that Noopept is able to freely imported to the True North as it has yet to be assigned a DIN (Drug Identification Number) by the regulatory body of Canada.

Unfortunately for you Aussies out there, you may have some trouble snagging yourself a sack full o’ Noopept.

You see, while Noopept has yet to be listed as a scheduled substance, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) have been hassling some vendors, urging them to desist with their selling Noopept to Australian consumers.

How Do You Get A Prescription?

Alas, for most of us who don’t suffer from a diagnosed neurodegenerative disorder, the odds of getting a legit doctor to lavish you with a script for Noopept are pretty slim.

Granted, there are always low-rent pain management clinics out there that might bend (nay, burn) the rules and scribble whatever you want on their little pads, but this is rare.

For this reason, those who are looking to Noopept for experimental purposes are much more likely to find what they are seeking on the Worldwide Web than they are to get their physician to agree to call it into the pharmacy of their choosing. Which, of course, brings us to…

Noopept Effects and Benefits: How (and Why) It Works

Noopept’s health benefits go above and beyond its advantages for the mind. This powerful cognitive booster is also a healthy alternative to anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) drugs as it relieves stress and can curb panicked episodes.

But that’s hardly the be all, end all when it comes to this impressive peptide. Noopept is advantageous in all of the following areas:

  • Increased Learning Ability
  • Better Overall Cognitive Performance
  • Improved Reflexes & Perception
  • Advanced Logical Thinking
  • Enhanced Memory

As we covered in our article Nootropics For Brain Neuroplasticity & Learning, the effects that Noopept exerts on NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) levels influence our learning capacity.

Noopept has become increasingly prevalent on the bodybuilding circuit due to its ability to vastly improve reflexes among those engaged in exercise.

Some users note its impact on visual perception and claim it promotes analytical reasoning. This makes it a perfect drug for professionals and students, those poor bastards who have to deduce things like they were Sherlock Holmes.

Which brings us to logical thinking, something that is integral to all of us. All too often, modern man makes snap judgments based on instinct instead of rational thought. Noopept enables us to think harder and think better before arriving at a conclusion.

Noopept is famously quoted as being “1000 times stronger than Piracetam”. This statement is true in terms of potency due to Noopept’s more efficient metabolism compared to the racetam family.

This means a much lower dosage is needed to get desired results from the drug. Becaus of this fact you should be careful with your dose — it’s easy to take 2x or even 10x the standard dose because the volume amount of powder is still quite small.

Noopept’s method of action is similar to the other racetams. Noopept works on the AMPA and NDMA receptor sites and their pathways of function.

It also has an affinity with the Acetylcholine system and the ACh receptor sites. Both of these factors contribute to Noopept’s array of nootropic benefits.

1. Lowers anxiety

Like Aniracetam, Noopept seems to lower anxiety, albeit slightly.

This is not a guaranteed result and seems to vary widely between subjects. And, as with Aniracetam, Noopept appears to stimulate Dopamine receptor sites (D2 and D3) as well as the ACh nicotinic receptor sites.

2. Boosts mood and memory

Noopept also seems to stimulate certain serotonin receptors, making you feel happier.

Noopept is under investigation as a potential Alzheimer’s treatment, with some believing it may extend beyond cognition and memory enhancement.

In lab rats, NGF (nerve-growth factor) increases after administration. This hints at repairing damaged cells and receptor sites seen in Alzheimer’s, with ongoing human research.

Does Noopept “Work” as a Nootropic?

Noopept is often promoted as a natural method of improving cognitive functions.

There have been clinical studies suggesting that Noopept may increase memory recall and retention, repair or improve neuron growth in the hippocampus, and have anti-anxiety benefits.

When it comes to improving cognitive abilities, it’s crucial to consider numerous variables.

As a result, it is very hard to determine just how effective Noopept would be for a specific person.

It all comes down to their own needs and current cognitive ability as well as lifestyle choices.

What does Noopept feel like?

Casual users have reported a mild euphoria — not “euphoric” in the sense of feeling a rush of energy, but rather an optimal alertness and an openness to their surroundings.

This Longecity post nails the feeling:

“For the sake of relation, the effects are somewhat like a low dose of ecstasy. Anxiety wafts away. Sensory information is much more clearer. Socializing comes easier.

“The world becomes a bit more beautiful. However, it doesn’t have the euphoric properties of ecstasy. I find that it barely alters mood, besides making one more calmer and content.”

Patients often report feeling as though they have a higher self-esteem when they take Noopept.

One Reddit user suggests that Noopept gives one a queer feeling at first before instilling the more beneficial sensations it is known for. He writes, “I find that at the beginning, I feel very weird. Colors are more vivid, music sounds better, but at the same time I get some very mild flu like nausea.”

Noopept users realize they can complete their daily tasks much more easily than before. Furthermore, verbal communication is also much easier for them due to the increase of self-esteem.

Noopept Dosage: How Much To Take

The right Noopept dosage is typically around 10-30 milligrams.

10 – 30 milligrams

How much you should take within that range solely depends on a number of characteristics:

First, you must take into account how much you weigh. If you weigh less than 140lbs then I recommend you take only 10mg.

If you fall in between 140-200 pounds then I suggest you to take 20mg. For those of you that are over 200lbs you should likely take 30mg. All these figures are per day dosage figures.

Second, noopept is non-toxic and is very safe to take because of its extremely low doses. You will not experience any negative side effects if you stick to your normal amount of 10-30mg.

However, if you go beyond 30mg then you might suffer from some side effects.

How to measure small Noopept doses

If all this talk about proper dose size is making you anxious, join the club. It is important you know how to measure your own dosage before taking Noopept, or any other nootropic for that matter.

Because the doses are so small, I strongly recommending investing in a quality scale to measure efficient doses. I use Norpro 3080 Mini Measuring Spoons as well.

If a scale is too expensive, make sure your supplier provides a tiny measuring spoon like the one pictured here:

How Long Does It Take Noopept to Kick In?

As we mentioned earlier, Noopept quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier and goes to work in less time than a lot of other nootropics.

It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to take effect. And while it doesn’t have the half life of some racetams, its effects may still be present after the first hour.

Researchers have placed its half life between 30 and 60 minutes, but this is largely due to its swift absorption. It is impossible to discern what effect trace amounts may have beyond this point.

Can You Overdose on Noopept?

Very few incidents of overdose have been recorded and, certainly, not in a quantity that would be cause for alarm. However, some users have posted online about their negative experiences after taking dosages in excess of the recommended 30 mgs.

One Reddit user said that taking 200 milligrams of Noopept over the course of six hours resulted in his short-term memory being “rubbish.”

“When I was doing repetitive tasks (i.e. tasks that require you to repeat something 15+ times),” he writes. “I would literally forget multiple times throughout the process what step I was up to. If I was sober and was doing the same task, I would not have forgotton [sic] once.”

Aside from the odd experience of excessive dosage, there is little evidence to suggest that users can actually overdose on Noopept. In fact, another Redditor posted a distress message, saying that he’d accidentally taken several hundred milligrams of Noopept by accident, mistakenly thinking that he was taking Aniracetam.

In his post, he says that he immediately vomited upon realizing his error but assumed that a substantial amount must have reached his bloodstream. He asks more experienced users what he can expect in the short and long term.

The response he received was a lack of concern with one poster writing, “You’ll be fine, man. Don’t get yourself worked up.”

Unlike many other nootropics, Noopept is often deliberately used in amounts in excess of the recommended dosage for the purpose of intensifying its effects.
How to Properly Take a Noopept Megadose

Many Noopept users are turning to the highly debated megadose approach. It is important that users understand the potential for acute side effects that comes with megadosing.

Once you get into the 100 mg range, an uncomfortable pressure headache may set in.

This can be accompanied by brain fog and other detrimental effects that are undesirable.

The most common side effect that people are experiencing from Noopept is drowsiness. That may not seem like a harmful side effect, but there is more.

Taking care when ingesting large doses of Noopept and spacing out milligram amounts is highly advisable.

The proper Noopept megadose is something that is up for debate as each user’s experience varies widely from the next.

One user one Longecity used daily dosages of between 100 and 300 milligrams for 4 days and closely monitored his blood pressure. He found that both his BP and his pulse rate were unaffected by the doses.

One brave (or irresponsible, depending upon your perspective) user even reported taking two doses of 500 mgs per day. This person was an epileptic and said that megadosing at this level caused absolutely no seizures or other deleterious effects.

Naturally, it is not advisable to consume such an excessive amount and the general consensus among the nootropic community seems to be that 100 milligrams is the ideal megadose.

The user’s weight is vital to determining dosage as an amount that could hit a 150 lb person hard might have a mild effect on someone weighing 200 lb or more. Results may vary as they say.

If you feel that you have taken too much then immediately seek help from a doctor because it will help prevent any further serious side effects.

How Long Does Noopept Last?

As mentioned above, the half life of Noopept is technically limited to 60 minutes, but the precise amount of time that one can expect to see benefits is not necessarily limited to this time frame.

Some users suggest that they feel a single dose of Noopept working for up to 4 hours. One user reported an “afterburn” effect that lasted for an additional two hours. Users often take a second dose per day to avoid the inevitable come down.

Noopept Tolerance: What You Should Know

There has been much debate as to whether or not tolerance is a legitimate issue when taking Noopept. Some have called it a myth while others have cautioned that it is like most other nootropics–the longer you take it, the more you need in order to achieve the enhancements you are looking for.

Some users recommend a nootropic rotation, alternating between taking Noopept on certain days and drugs like Piracetam on others.

So what’s the final word? Noopept, like many other nootropics, has the potential to become a problem over time. If you are taking it on a daily basis over the span of several months, you may find yourself in the questionable position of having to take more and more to reap the full benefits of the drug.

Best Way To Take Noopept

Taking Noopept Sublingually

Sublingual Noopept solutions are not uncommon. The best way to take noopept is by putting the powder under your tongue and waiting about 5 minutes. Using water helps to dissolve the substance more quickly.

Experts highly recommend sublingual use as it ensures 100% absorption into your system.
Taking It Orally

Oral use of Noopept is, perhaps, the most common, but it isn’t nearly as effective as sublingual administration. When taking Noopept orally, the racetam is degraded by enzymes, resulting in a reduction of effects.

Taking It In the Morning vs. Before Bed

Much has been written about how to take Noopept, there are even explicit guides which break down the process in great detail. But not everyone knows how it will affect their sleep cycle.

Some users have reported feeling acute grogginess from taking 15 milligrams or more. They also experienced notable brain fog after taking Noopept.

For this reason, it may be advisable to take Noopept later in the day.

Users on Longecity’s board said that the best results were unlocked when taking it right before bed. They talk about the cleanest subjective effects and share experiences from their nightly dosing routine.

Noopept Side Effects: Is It Safe?

The vast majority of Noopept users do not experience major side effects as such. The drug has been approved as ‘safe’ in clinical tests.

Although Noopepts has been deemed safe in clinical trials, that doesn’t mean that it can’t have its fair share of undesirable effects. While it has been shown to be effective and low in toxicity at the recommended dosage range, Noopept use can cause adverse reactions in sensitive users.

Overdose will likely lead to unpleasant side effects like headaches, irritability, etc. Below are some of the common side effects of Noopept that are likely to occur at higher dosages.

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal Problems

Noopet’s adverse reactions are not limited to the above. Here are some of the problems areas that have been documented by Noopept users:


Users far and wide have complained about the intense headaches brought on by Noopept use. Of the above side effects, it is the one most commonly reported. As you can see on this subreddit, many people are looking for a way to curb this effect.

This blog suggests how best to avoid the cluster headaches associated with Noopept use.


Sleep is another big issue when it comes to Noopept use with users experiencing grogginess and fatigue. Some even attribute their experience of sleep paralysis with Noopept consumption.

Alternately, there are users who blame Noopept for bringing on a bout of insomnia.


While many have taken Noopept to treat their social anxiety, others have suffered anxiety as a result of taking Noopept. This generally occurs in higher doses.


Depression may also occur after taking Noopept. A Longecity member found himself preoccupied with thoughts of death and disaster after taking it for two to three weeks.


Noopept is a tricky one when it comes to the mojo. There seems to be a great divide among Noopept users as to whether it is a boon or a bane in this area.

Lots of users believe it to be a performance drug for producing or enhancing arousal while lots of other people blame erectile dysfunction on Noopept use. The bottom line: If you’re looking to be a horny goat, Noopept might do the trick. But if you’re sensitive, it might break your stick.

These side effects are likely to vary.

Always consult a doctor before using Noopept, especially when using other medications or supplements.
At this time, there are no records of dangerous drug interactions or side effects with Noopept, but this does not mean they cannot or will not occur.

Tolerance and withdrawal with Noopept is not serious and should not be a concern. In fact, some animal studies (and anecdotal human reports) have suggested a “snowballing” effect where the beneficial effects of Noopept increase overtime.

Despite this fact, some users have documented symptoms such as irritability, anger and anxiety after 2-3 weeks of sustained use. Spacing out use is most likely the best decision a user can make.

Noopept dosage

Recommended  dosage: 10-40mg up to three times a day

The good news for those who are migrating from Piracetam to Noopept; this is a much lower dose than that of Piracetam which ranges from 1200 to 4800 mg per day.

To avoid possible side effects, it’s best to start with a small dose, ideally 10mg, taken twice a day.

Do not take Noopept at night because it increases the blood flow to the brain which might cause sleeplessness.

You would definitely appreciate what Noopept and other nootropics can do for you, if you are leading a busy lifestyle, attempting to achieve your fitness and health goals, or looking to strike the right balance between professional and personal life.

What are Long Term Effects of Noopept Usage?

Noopept is beneficial to long-term memory. By building new synapses, it aids overall intelligence while promoting cognitive health.

It is unclear whether Noopept’s possesses long-term efficacy in recommended doses. Public opinion among nootropic users seems to suggest that additional daily doses are necessary to unleashing its benefits over time.

Noopept Reviews and User Experiences

A Redditor’s Noopept Experience

A Redditor decided to try Noopept and shared the experience on r/nootropics. The Redditor was using Noopept for a year prior to the experiment and reported zero negative side effects when taking 10-30 milligrams of the smart drug three times a day.

He never took it more than 3 times a day or over 30 milligrams at a time. The result: it definitely helped him stay focused and motivated at work. The first time he took noopept, he got exactly the results he wanted: clear-headed and sharp.

Takeaway: Severe Diminishing Returns

After that, he could get the same result only 10% of the time with the other 90% resulting in brain fog and a complete lack of focus.

My personal note: I believe this is somewhat of an extreme case, but I can relate to the Redditor’s experience. I have dosed > 80mg of Noopept for weeks with little effect; however, it absolutely does have diminishing returns if used consistently for more than a month.

Gwern Branwen’s Self-Quantification

Related to the famous racetams, but reportedly better (and much less bulky), Noopept is one of the many obscure Russian nootropics. (Further reading: Google Scholar,, Reddit,

Its advantages seem to be that it’s far more compact than piracetam and doesn’t taste awful, so it’s easier to store and consume.

A Redditor ordered some Russian brand Noopept, but found it was unpleasant and not working for him so he gave the leftover half to Gwern.

Gwern took two 10mg pills on successive days on top of his usual caffeine+piracetam stack and didn’t notice anything; in particular, he didn’t find it unpleasant like the Redditor did.

My Favorite Noopept Suppliers

It may be a challenge to find the right Noopept powder that is suitable for you.

Since there are so many different kinds available online, an immediate decision isn’t possible. Noopept is such a powerful substance so you must be very careful to find the right one for you.

Therefore, to make things easier for you, I’ve tested over 20+ different Noopept products in the past 4 years. As we saw with the demise of Powder City, most Nootropics vendors have a short lifespan. However, one has managed to stand the test of time:

  1. Noopept by Absorb Your Health

Noopept Stacks & Comparison To Other Nootropics

Noopept appears to be safe to stack with other racetams or nootropics.

There are limited reports of serious drug interactions but due diligence is advised when combining substances and is done at the risk of the user.

Common stacks with noopept are with a choline source like, Alpha GPC as this can often help relieve common side effects.

While other racetam combinations are common, Noopept is typically taken alone because it is potent enough on its own and relatively expensive compared to racetams.

Noopept Choline Stack

The Noopept Choline Stack is extremely popular among the nootropic community. “Natural warriors” understand that choline helps prevent headaches sometimes caused by Noopept use.

Taken in tandem, these two substances heighten mental focus and clarity. The combination is supposed to clear up brain fog and assist short and long-term memory.

The average person is deficient in acetylcholine, the brain chemical responsible for memory formation. Choline helps jack up your acetylcholine levels. In concert with Noopept, it improves learning ability and sharpens one’s attention.

Noopept Aniracetam Stack

Users have reported improvement of social anxiety and an increase in cognitive skills from taking Noopept in conjunction with Aniracetam.

Although it is a somewhat common noopept stack, some have reported terrible experiences from stacking these two together. One poster on BulletProof’s forums went from feeling no discernible difference after his initial dose to feeling as though he was forgetting something.

This sense of memory loss produced a lack of confidence that was then compounded by jitters and an acute awareness of voices all around him.

Noopept vs. Piracetam

Piracetam is used to treat many of the same medical conditions that Noopept is used for. It is implemented in cases of dementia, acute ischemic stroke, dyslexia and more. Some people have used it when going through alcohol withdrawal.

The biggest difference between Piracetam and Noopept is a difference in strength. As mentioned above, Noopept is 1,000 times stronger than Piracetam.

Another reason some prefer Noopept to Piracetam is because, in the words of one Reddit user, it is roughly a “¼ of the cost of Piracetam per dose.

Noopept vs. Aniracetam

Although more potent than Piracetam, Aniracetam is typically taken with food or milk. Whereas Noopept can be taken sublingually and absorbed quickly, Aniracetam takes time to kick in.

Aniracetam also operates on a neurotransmitter receptor that differs from that which Noopept targets.

While both drugs are known to improve learning ability and memory formation, they are disparate in that Noopept is known to be more powerful. Stacking with both may broaden these effects.

Noopept vs. Pramiracetam

A derivative of Piracetam, Pramiracetam works in much the same way as Noopept in that it expands neuroplasticity. It has a reputation for causing spontaneous creativity and studies have suggested that it can boost a person’s I.Q.

As with Piracetam, Pramiracetam is largely considered an inferior compound as it is significantly weaker than Noopept.

Noopept vs. Modafinil

As the folks at The Tab put it, “Modafinil is so 2014.” In their article, “Forget Modafinil: We’re All Snorting ‘Dangerous’ New Study Drug Noopept,” they talk about how, in 2015, Noopept swept the UK, becoming the ubiquitous study aid on English university campuses.

But at least according to their sources, Noopept did not measure up to the effect of Modafinil. “It just makes you focused,” one student said, adding, “But not madly so.”
“It tastes like f***ing dirt,” he continued. “I think it’s a mind thing, like I just think I need it now. It’s mad because I know it’s dodgy.”

A Redditor seemed to share this student’s feelings, writing, “They’re both subtle nootropics in that you won’t feel too much of either one of them intensely.

“However you should notice Modafinil enhancing your awareness for almost a full day, allowing you to focus and think more indepthly [sic]. Noopept to me is like a much less potent form of Modafinil IMO.”

Noopept vs. Adrafinil

Adrafinil differs from Noopept insofar as it elicits a stimulant-like effect that isn’t as associated with Noopept. In fact, one user has even said that taking Adrafinil is milder and more pleasant than taking pure speed (amphetamine), but the comparison to speed is undeniable.

As this same user was quick to point out, Adrafinil can put you in a state of intense wakefulness for longer than you might care to be. Where Noopept can bring on a slight grogginess, Adrafinil can keep you feeling like you’ve drank a pot of coffee for as many as fourteen hours (depending upon dose size).

Noopept vs. Adderall

While we’re on the subject of speed, Adderall is often brought up when talking about Noopept. Adderall has grown in popularity among students in the last ten to fifteen years because of its capacity for sharpening focus and improving mechanical recall.

Adderall is synonymous with Noopept because CTD Labs has marketed Noopept as “legal Adderall.” The biggest difference between the two is the relative lack of major side effects.

Unlike Noopept, Adderall has been responsible for no less than 20 deaths from heart attack and an additional 12 deaths from strokes in children taking it.

Noopept vs. Phenylpiracetam

Whereas Noopept can be safe and effective in doses as small as 30 milligrams, Phenylpiracetam requires a dose in excess of 100 mgs. In this way alone, Noopept is far superior.

On the other hand, Noopept has more potential side effects than Phenylpiracetam. Noopept can cause excitability, heart palpitations, lack of appetite, dizziness, restlessness, asthenia, agitation and headaches. Phenylpiracetam is primarily known to cause nausea, irritability and headache.

It is important to note that the side effects of every nootropic vary widely depending upon the user’s chemical makeup, medicinal allergies and preexisting health conditions.

Closing thoughts

Noopept is an excellent little nootropic. It works well, has few side effects, is tasteless and odorless, and tolerance builds slowly.

Furthermore, there is no “withdrawal”, making it a superior option to mild stimulants like Modafinil and anxiolytics like Phenibut.

I personally take Noopept very rarely, but it’s nice to have on hand when your work calls for an extra boost of creative energy.

Good luck, and as always, keep nooting!

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